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gut feel act stop think act

Gut, feel, act

Stop, think, act. This key motto from my very first scuba lessons in Australia kept resonating in my head, a few years ago off the Costa Rica’s west coast. My dive buddy, a german underwater cameraman sporting mega fins and

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creative science b2b marketing 21st century

Marketing 2020: creativity or science?

Completing the Marketing 2020 survey proved to be a time-consuming chore last week (probably its completion felt to last at least 30% longer due to the tropical circumstances). However, the questions addressed some very interesting topics and thereby enticed me

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Marketing Technology maze in B2B

Earlier today I ran into this great overview* of the plethora in marketing technology platforms currently available. At the same time, to many this chart may well be an overwhelmingly intricate maze too.  Whilst it provides a great overview of

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Content Marketing in B2B: more content or more buy(-in)?

Almost simultaneously this week 2 studies were published on the trends and effectiveness of content marketing in B2B. What is their common denominator, and what prove to be the key insights and opportunities in B2B content marketing in 2013?  What

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You decide exactly as I wish: Ariely cs in ‘concert’

When asked about the value of neuromarketing, Dan Ariely does see a bright future ahead. “But it’s too soon now”, the world-famous behavioral economist and author claims. “The human brain is way too complicated to be effectively measured by today’s

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