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Persuasion: context and content

Of course content matters. Yet content delivered within the right context is a lot more powerful. Here’s a statement by Stanford Business School professor Zakary Tormala to prove this point.

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DHL trojaans paard b2b campagne

DHL’s Trojan horse: outsmarting the competition

From the outside various players in the same B2B industry look very similar. The logistic products and services from the likes of TNT, UPS and PostNL for instance. DHL decided it was time for a different approach. Buying attention via

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B2B Marketing & Sales: major overhaul

In B2B, traditional marketing and sales are no longer effective. Here are 3 stats to underline the need for a major overhaul: 1) In up to 70% of the buying process, prospects do not want to be contacted by a

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Google SEO in blackbox

Curse or blessing in disguise: Google’s puts SEO searches in blackbox

Bad news for all those who prefer to be top of Google’s search results without having to pay for Google adwords. As of last week Google made all organic search traffic invisible. Information as to what are the most frequently

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gut feel act stop think act

Gut, feel, act

Stop, think, act. This key motto from my very first scuba lessons in Australia kept resonating in my head, a few years ago off the Costa Rica’s west coast. My dive buddy, a german underwater cameraman sporting mega fins and

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