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Better reach, qualified leads and more success for marketing & sales?! DutchmarQ produces a smart content marketing strategy and execution to B2B thoughtleaders in IT, Technology and Services:
  • insight in what content makes the difference in the buying journey
  • a more constant influx of relevant Marketing leads
  • and more conversion by Sales


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The network company

An increasingly networked society calls for the networked company. DutchmarQ is a network of senior B2B professionals. Moreover, DutchmarQ closely cooperates with companies in marketing automation and business development. That leads to deep and relevant expertise, minimal overhead and maximum focus on commercial returns for B2B customers.

Are you a small or mid sized company? And are you looking for smarter ways to drive your (digital) marketing and sales, without having to know or do everything on your own? Read what our customers have to say about working with us.

Our services and solutions

Digital business case

The right investment in online business starts with defining what digital marketing & sales brings. Assess your business case in 10 minutes

Better leads, better profits

Smarter B2B companies do not use drive sales by the number of 'cups of coffee'. Better qualified leads: more return. Learn more

Marketing & Sales: one team

Digital skills, a clearer process and strong cooperation for better commercial success. How to get Marketing & Sales together?

Marketing automation

Marketing & IT for integral funnel control. Knowing what works: closed loop marketing. How does eg HubSpot work?

Latest Posts

Braintips to make your B2B Marketing (even) smarter

Homo economicus does not exist. The human species - in B2B too - is being driven by emotions. Neuroscientists and behavorial economists agree that man makes up to 99% of his (or her) emotions subconsciously, from the instinct. 'The human brain hasn't had a major software upgrade for the last 50,000 years', said Peter Diamandis a few…

B2B Marketing Conference: stop underestimating emotion's key role in B2B!

November 5th the B2B Marketing Conference took place in London (UK). Well over 200 marketeers gathered to discuss the pivotal role emotion plays in business-to-business. Great to see 200 peers agree to this fundamental insight, which is too often still overlooked or underestimated in B2B. This could well be one of your most promising new business…

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